About us

GVS’s vision is –   A society free from all type of deprivation, injustice and discrimination. 

OUR MISSION is strengthening the capacities of the target community through  organizing, educating & capacity building in a manner that ,they will be able to address the issues related to deprivation, injustice and discrimination by their own in sustainable manner

Organisation’s Approach or Operating Model

GVS adopts the following approaches in their implementation

  • Enabling sustainability.
  • Promoting collectivization to ensure agency.
  • Promoting vocational skills
  • Ensuring the Community Based Organisation (CBOs) to ensure the community ownership.
  • Linkages and liaison
  • Faith and encouragement in integrated community based development through Capacity Building.
  • Engaging with local governance and other stakeholders

Relationship with Community

GVS plays a supporting role, which is of a catalyst and a facilitator. The organisation has this distinctive strategy to empower the weaker sections of the society especially the socially excluded community to providing information, encourage them to fight for their rights and motivate them to participate in the development processes. In conformity with this, the programmes are need based and sustainable, technically and economically feasible and socially viable. The motivation and initiative comes from the people and their perspective. The strategy is such that the people are actively involved in programme planning and implementation. The transparency and high level of work culture is maintained for time bound qualitative and quantitative achievements.