Our Girls-Our Pride Program

Our Girls -Our Pride program is being implementing in the 195 Gram Panchayats of Most backwards block of Ratanpura In Mau District of Uttar Pradesh. The Project is aimed to address the adolescents centered issue through empowering them in the shape of the strong groups and to build their capacity such a way that they could be able to address the issues and take the initiative towards adolescents rights and empowerment.  The Project is addressing the challenges with adolescents  at all the  3 levels. as its well known that  At home they face the problem of Compromised sexual and reproductive health, domestic violence, early marriage, Lack of mobility, and son preferring attitude by the family and community members. Behind these challenges the role of parents is very crucial.  So the Project has formed the Adolescents Groups, The Project is organizing their capacity building sessions, Promotion of Inter-generation dialogue to enable the environment for the girls. To address the problems of poor infrastructure ,poor sexual education as well as low focus on health and hygiene , project is organizing the advocacy level events with the block and district level stakeholders. To ensure the girl’s Agency the Project is focusing to ensure the girls mobility, through involving them in skill development initiatives to get rid of poverty and  risk of exploitation and trafficking which is double burden on them.

Long term perspective of Our Girls Our Pride Program

Reducing the Vulnerability, behaviour change, development of aspiration and visioning of the dignityful life.
Support in way forwards for accessing the goal and achieving the aspiration.  Increase in agency and empowerment of adolescent boys and girls. Gender equitable environment for adolescents at home.
Community’s gender norms and roles change positively for adolescent girls
Adolescent girls access services from health system and Families invest money  for meeting health needs of girls and  Health service providers are responsive to adolescents health needs.
    Gender equity in education and   Family members demonstrate support for higher education.
Quick Responsive ability in pandemic situation

Adopting Strategy

  • Collectivization of Girls,
  • Development of visioning ,and aspiration trough educating them on gender stereotypes.
  • Identification of the leader’s Potential and development of the leaders.
  • Training and capacity Building.
  • Community Mobilization for enabling the environment for girls.
  • Involving boys to break the gender stereotypes.
  •  Career Counselling.
  • Deal with disaster & Pandemic Management.
  •  Activation of VLCPCs.
  • Community Livelihood initiative and Responses to ensure the barrier free investment of parents in Girl’s educational and Health needs.
  • Facilitation in Making accessible of all the Govt scheme for all the age group in Selected families.
  • Identification of implicit gender bias of the youth to help them to reach their true potential as a change agent.