SAUHARD Fellowship

From the point of view of constitutional values, there are many such issues in the region which are hindering inclusive development. Such as caste discrimination and untouchability, gender based discrimination, bigotry and communal hysteria towards religion and creed, influence of orthodox traditions, Lack of social relations and brotherhood, economic inequality, discrimination in employment opportunities, Discrimination in community resources and assets, manipulation of electoral rolls, election of dummy public representatives, control of voter’s franchise, discrimination by service donors and government schemes, inequality and discrimination in Panchayats etc. are the key thematic spectrum which is need to be addressed. A major objective of the GVS  is to support the innumerable efforts of motivated individuals, groups and communities, to assert their citizenship within a democratic framework. As we know that there  are a number of initiatives with committed individuals and groups who have varying degrees of experience and many different approaches to the question of empowerment of citizens. Grameen Vikas Sansthan  aims to support such initiatives and efforts of grassroots activists in the broad areas of governance, participatory democracy, accountability, and empowerment of marginalized communities within a constitutional framework through providing them a three year fellowship. The Fellowship Program is under  “Social Action for Upliftment of Humanity and Realization of Democracy (SAUHARD) fellowship Program in Ghazipur,Azamgarh and Jaunpur Districts of Uttar Pradesh. The fellowship programme will also attempt to create a platform for cross- learning and experience, fostering collective action for change in upcoming period