USHA Silai School

USHA Silai Schools are community based initiatives with the aim of empowering village women to become entrepreneurs through sewing and setting up sewing schools. Gramin Vikas sansthan, in direct partnership with SIDBI and USHA  sets up Silai Schools in Ghazipur, Gorakhpur, mau, Varanasi  and Azamgarh , Jaunpur most remote and rural corners. The GVS facilitate and support USHA to identify, set up and motivate village women to join these schools where they are trained in sewing and Embroidery  (and given a free sewing machine and Course Kit) after which they in turn teach and train other women forming a network of self-reliant and enterprising women.

Now Mamta is Well Equipped and Encouraged

Mamta was a resident of mahaveer chhpraa village in Gorakhpur district. An ambitious lady who was always eager to learn more and more about sewing and  stitching but lack of opportunity ,she was hopeless. The poor condition of her family encouraged her to adopt the sewing as a career. She was looking for the new technologies and technique of the sewing to earn enough. Her husband was unemployed and the family was hand to mouth. During the counseling visits by GVS in the Gorakhpur intervention area Mamta came to know about the training opportunity to be provided by USHA in shape of a residential training. At the moment the family members were not ready to allow her for residential training but she finally decided to complete the advance residential training of tailoring. She participated actively in the 9 days residential training and successfully completed.After completion of the training,she was very happy , positive and hopeful for her tailoring career. Her family members are also encouraged and she has a responsibility of feeding to her husband and two girl child. Keeping in mind she started her career with full of enthusiasm.

Manju Gupta is Now can repair the sewing Machine

Manju Gupta  is from Ahirauli village of Varanasi district has completed her intermediate education when she got married. Her husband is a street vendor and used to sell the fast food moving around in the areas  . This is the only source of income of her family to mitigate the needs of livelihood . Their houses is also damaged and they have no another source of income . Manju has two children and she is currently now just 25.Manju had learnt some basic skill of tailoring when she was at her parents home and unmarried. she was usually doing some basic tailoring work but that was not enough and sufficient to earn money.  however she was also teaching the tailoring skills to other girls in her parents home but she was never gone through any formal and systematic training of tailoring and sewing . During the training organised by USHA. she learnt alot of about the tailoring techniques ,new designs as well as a skill of sewing machine repairing ,which was fully unknown for her before joining the training. 9 days residential training impacted well in her skill and now she is fully equipped with different ways and types of tailoring as well as major and minor fault repairing of any sewing machine. she is now very happy and positive also.she has a dream to continue the sewing  career in her in laws home and she also want to teach and make capable to other girls in her in-laws.

Total Coverage

Sr NoDistrictBlockTotal Women TrainedTotal Sewing school openedTotal Learners/Candidate Trained and got certificate from USHA
 GhazipurSadar , Zamania , Kasimabad1301302600
 MauSadar, Gohna mohamdabad60601200
 VaranasiChiraigaon, Cholapur50501000
 GorakhpurBansgaon, Piprauli50501000
 Total- 3103106100