COVID-19 Response

Efforts made by Grameen Vikas Sansthan toward COVID-19  Response

Since the Lockdown has totally hampered the lives of the marginalized people in Mau and Ghazipur so there was a  need of immediate response in the  families through distribution of nutritional foods and supplies for the Children and adolescents. There was also immediate need of distributing the Menstrual Hygiene Kits, sanitizers and Masks to implement all the pre-cautions suggested to avoiding the infection of Covid-19.  Grameen Vikas sansthan has distributed the ration Packets among then vulnerable families of the Mau district.  Before the distribution ,the proper ground work was done to select the eligible families of the Community who were much in need of assistance.  The distribution was ensured through following all the precautions suggested by the government and other experts. 

Key objectives  of the Intervention

Following were the key objectives of the CIVID-19 Response efforts

  • To mitigate the Impact of Lockdown in marginalized families.
  • To help the Community People to be sanitize through providing them different mode of sanitization.
  • To help the lockdown affected families through providing the Necessary food.
  • To promote the social giving for Good concept among financially outfitted people.

Strategies which were adopted

  • Promotion of Community Volunteerism.
  • Distribution of sanitizers and Masks for the marginalized families
  • Nutritional Support to the Marginalized families.
  • Counseling of families on Social Distancing ,Safe hand wash & hygiene Practices and Awareness Generation on Corona.
  • Making efforts toward realization of Govt financial packages to the eligible families.

Targeted  Communities

The Targeted Community are as following

  • Cleaners and Domestic Workers
  • Adolescents Girls from Marginalized Families
  • Rickshaw pullers
  • Loaders and Thela Pullers
  • Daily Wages labours 
  • Streets vendors

Total Coverage During Dry ration Distribution

Year Total beneficiaries covered during Ration Distribution Total beneficiaries covered during Menstrual Hygiene Kits
2020-21 1840 6700
2021-22 2050 5000

Mitigating the Impact of COVID-19 through  Activation of MGNREGA and PDS


The Poverty is a vicious cycle particularly in Mau District  and women are worst affected victim of it. The cause and adverse effect of poverty are lack of awareness about the civic right and entitlements and sense of livelihood security at the level of household in community. The COVID-19 Lock down badly impacted the livelihood option of rural poor and they were at their own villages but having no job and earning opportunities.  The MGNREGA and PDS schemes are ambitious but the lack of information and poor demand generation ,the effective implementation is still awaiting. Since the COVID-19 Impact has hampered the livelihood options of the millions of the families in the Rural Uttar Pradesh so at this stage MNREGA could be a strong source of livelihood strengthening.

We have made the following efforts towards NREGA Realization as a COVID-19 Response and Rehabilitation among 15000 Community People.

  • Strengthening of revenue village level existing Community CBOs.
  • Formation of Village Advocacy Groups(VAG) at Panchayat level. This is a 5-member group that lead the advocacy events at village and blocks level. (3 Male and 2 female)
  • Training Village Advocacy Groups(VAG) on MGNREGA Provisions and implementation, PDS & PRI Act
  • Block level interface of Village Advocacy Groups(VAG) with Gram Pradhans, Panchayat Secretaries and block level officials on the issues related to Gram Sabha, MGNREGA and PDS.
  • Enhancing understanding and knowledge of community and GP level stakeholders about the MGNREGA.
  • Facilitating community for obtaining the job card, opening bank accounts for wage money and demanding job in written.
  • Training of Village Advocacy Groups(VAG) on Social Audit Process and their involvements.
  • Organizing the Village level Camps for Registration of New Job seekers under MGNREGA.
  • Development of the IEC on MGNREGA,PDS and GSand itsDistribution to increase the demand generation.

Establishment of Villages level Covid-19 Care& Support Booth

Since the COVID-19 2nd wave has impacted the thousands of lives.  The Medical support and assistance crisis during the pandemic situation was broadly reflected.  In spite of well awareness by the govt regarding home isolation and  suggested medicine ,The large number of community people were far away to get the initial medication and treatments in case symptoms appeared. Through this pandemic  response ,GVS has  established a Covid care Booth in 50 GPs. This booth is equipped with   Sufficient Medical Kit, Pulse oximeter,Thermal scanner,Hand sanitizers etc. This Booth is  working  as a centre where a need based community approaching for medical assistance. This centre is being  managed by a Girls ( trained in nursing courses-there are many girls in the community who are certified with ANM courses).


  • Key services
  • Counseling on COVID-19 including do and don’ts
  • Promoting the diet with minerals and breathing exercises. 
  • Regular temperature check-up
  • Regular check-up of pulse and oxygen level.
  • This centre has created a 5 members of COVID task Groups of Youths which is regularly monitoring  the use of mask in village and also encouraging the community to wear Mask.
  • Centre is facilitating and  mobilizing the Community for COVID immunization and vaccination.